Victoria Line, here I come

Momentarily alone (again) on the Victoria line by red_rooster82, on Flickr

It looks like a fine day tomorrow to walk the Victoria Line.

This is the first big one – end to end, 14.6 miles long, which I’m expecting to take more than 6 hours all told, once you include time spent sitting down half way through. I’ve packed bananas, chocolate, bulla bread and a very large amount of water for the trip.

I’ll be walking past 15 stations, from Walthamstow Central to Brixton, and the current plan is to stop somewhere near Kings Cross for some sort of food. The plan is to track my progress along the way using Instagram to take pictures of each station, checking in at Foursquare, and posting to Facebook and Tumblr. I’m also hoping to use Google Latitude to actually track my progress live. In theory, you’ll be able to follow me at this link and live on this map:

Wish me luck. Oh, and please sponsor me! I’m pretty sure that by 3pm tomorrow I’ll really, really need your support – and Mind need it whether or not I do.







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