This blog is dedicated to my fundraising attempt for Mind in 2011. I’m trying to go from spaghetti-legged couch potato to mildly muscled long-distance city-walker in time to walk all London’s Tube lines this year. I’m hoping to do as many as possible end-to-end in a day.

I’m raising money for Mind in the process, because it’s a fantastic mental health charity that has helped me and many people I love more times than I can count. This is my attempt to give something back. I’ve set a high target – £5,000. This is the best place to donate, but if you’d rather not give money online please get in touch by emailing me at mary@aseriesoftubes.co.uk and we’ll sort something else out. Or you can always meet me at a Tube station along one of my walks to donate in person.


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