Waterloo & City – done!

One down, 11 to go.

Or, to put it more into perspective, 2 down, 266 to go.

Grant did the walk with me, as it was such a short one – the route we walked came in at 1.9 miles, from Bank station past St Paul’s Cathedral, over the Millennium Bridge, and past the Tate Modern before hitting Waterloo station.

It was a nice, leisurely stroll, and a great, non-threatening way to get started. Now, just another few hundred miles of walking, and I’ll be done…

The next walk is planned for either next Saturday or Sunday, and will be end-to-end along the Victoria line, coming in at about 15 miles in total. If you can sponsor me, please do – I desperately need the morale boost, and Mind need the money. And if you already have, then thank you enormously.







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